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Correlations anywhere between care about-ranked wellness, sick get-off, psychological and group parameters

The newest imply opinions and you will frequencies of all questionnaire overall performance was basically determined. While the various other activities into the WCQ possess some other maximum values, adjusted indicate opinions was indeed determined each dealing means.

Statistical analyses were carried out using the SPSS statistical package, version 17.0 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA). The ? 2 test was used to find possible sex differences, and correlation coefficients were calculated to find the nature of correlations between variables. A multivariate ordinal regression was performed to find the determinants of sick leave duration. Differences at the level of P < 0.05>

Sociodemographic properties

Of your 390 participants, 342 (88%) were men, that is just as the ratio of men regarding the whole Slovenian Armed forces (86% men; P. Papler, private communications, 2008). Guys have been quite more youthful than simply women, although change was not high (30.seven ± eight.eight compared to 30.step 1 ± eight.02 age; Z = -0.66, P = 0.510). Respondents encountered the after the instructional accounts: vocational university (21%), high-school (62%), university (2%), and you will college or university or more (15%); as well as the following ranking: 234 (60%) privates, 105 (27%) non-accredited officers, and you can 51 (13%) officials. The fresh proportions of respondents centered on score resemble those from the entire Army (47% privates, 30% non-accredited officials, and you can 23% officers; P. Papler, personal correspondence, 2008).

Extremely participants ranked their health of the same quality otherwise higher level ( Dining table step 1 ). Women rated their health some tough than just guys, but the difference wasn’t tall (? 2 = seven.33; P = 0.103). The majority of participants had had to ten days of ill log off within the 2007. Women invested significantly more big date toward unwell log off (? dos = ; P = 0.001).

Desk step 1

Self-ranked fitness, self-ranked sick hop out cycle, and you may pleasure with points out-of lifestyle from inside the a sample out-of 390 active-duty Slovenian Military troops

Extremely participants rated its TRAIRA economic total well being while the modest and you can was pleased with their total quality of life; zero sex differences was indeed located to own often financial important (? dos = cuatro.43, P = 0.351) otherwise total standard of living (? 2 = step three.97, P = 0.410). Respondents assigned the highest satisfaction ratings to their reference to the mothers while the reduced on their experience of coworkers. No sex differences were located centered on the fulfillment to the most important relationships, specifically, and their lover (? dos = 3.73, P = 0.443), moms and dads (? dos = 1.41, P = 0.842), otherwise coworkers (? dos = 2.forty two, P = 0.655).

Coping methods

The most used coping procedures were troubleshooting, self-confident reappraisal of your own state, seeking to personal guidance, and you may acknowledging obligation ( Dining table step 1 ). Escape/prevention and you may distancing strategies was indeed quicker frequently reported. No significant sex variations had been discovered with respect to the access to dealing actions ( Shape step 1 ).

The utilization of coping measures certainly productive-obligation Slovenian troops in line with the The latest Folkman-Lazarus Method of Dealing Survey. Finalized bars – men; light-gray – women; dark gray – all the. The range of the fresh new coping balances is actually of 0 to 18.

The correlation coefficient ranging from mind-rated health and ill get off is actually bad and you can meagerly high ( Table 2 ). Self-ranked health coordinated to your eliminate/reduction dealing strategy in accordance with every pleasure parameters. Unwell leave period correlated with age and degree, several dealing methods (conflict and you will stay away from/avoidance), and you will satisfaction which have relationships having coworkers. Years and studies modestly correlated with some of your coping strategies (distancing, escape/avoidance, and you will organized troubleshooting). Many years coordinated which have fulfillment that have finances and you can reference to companion. Training peak coordinated just with pleasure that have total life state. Other dealing tips was in fact in general very inter-coordinated, while the was in fact fulfillment details.